The importance of a good job description

Creating a job description is an essential part of the recruitment process. It is a document that often forms a candidate’s first impression of a business. It is therefore essential the document represents the company in a professional manner.

The purpose of a job description is threefold:

  1. To attract the right candidate
  2. To define the role and responsibilities
  3. To ensure all parties have a clear understanding of expectations, both during the recruitment process and moving forward after appointment

Job descriptions should include the following:

  • Title of job
  • Where the role sits within the existing team, department and wider business
  • Reporting structure and key interactions
  • Areas of responsibility and expectations
  • Duties, perhaps separated into daily, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks
  • Required education, training and qualifications
  • IT and technical skills
  • Soft skills and personality traits to establish cultural fit
  • Future development and progression
  • Remuneration and benefits

As well as providing the necessary information to enable candidates to make an informed decision regarding their application, it should be remembered that this is a sales document designed to attract the best candidates in the market.

An effective job description is concise, professional and inspirational. Before writing a job description, take the time to consider exactly who you want to recruit. Think about the experience required to do the job now and how this role might develop. If you are looking for the next FD, the job description should appeal to ambitious candidates, still keen to learn and develop. Think about what would motivate candidates in this position and articulate that throughout the job description.

When working with JHE & Partners, we will arrange to meet with you in order to discuss your requirements in great detail. By meeting every candidate we consider for your vacancy, we are able to provide a short list which incorporates only the best and most relevant candidates. We will save you time and ensure recruitment is about strengthening your team, not simply filling a vacancy.

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